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Digital Video and Multimedia Systems




Welcome to the RTS Website

Resource Televisual Systems Ltd (RTS) was established in 1980 as a supplier of professional video and audio visual equipment.

Today, RTS are at the forefront of applying the latest video and computing technologies for new media solutions in educational, professional, industrial and broadcast applications.

RTS provide complete and ready to run digital video and multimedia system solutions which include comprehensive service and support options.

video editing

High performance Avid editing solutions for standalone or networked workgroup applications.

media storage

High capacity RAID storage solutions for video editing, encoding and media applications.

media encoding

Hardware based systems for realtime simultaneous multiple format encoding or streaming.


video forensics

Enhancement solutions developed for police and government forensic analysis applications.

CCTV monitoring

Monitoring systems for interview rooms, destructive testing facilities or hazardous environments.

remote  surveillance

Portable surveillance equipment for discreet video monitoring and recording at multiple locations.


specialist recording

Bespoke systems for  recording and playback of high resolution video and computer signals.


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