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Digital Video and Multimedia Systems



Bespoke Video Monitoring and CCTV Systems

RTS have designed and installed CCTV monitoring systems throughout Southern England - including multi-camera control room monitoring facilities for hazardous environments, destructive-testing facilities and interview rooms for police authorities and social services.

Video monitoring and CCTV applications are benefiting from the introduction of new technologies including high quality cameras which may be controlled (with zoom, pan and tilt functions) via an HTML interface accessible on a private IP address, giving world-wide access to selected employees or clients.

System options can include:

  Single and multiple monochrome or colour cameras

  Remote-controlled camera pan & tilt

  Camera microwave links

  Remote camera operation via HTML interface

  Video and audio mixing

  Video & computer signal recording and playback

  Multiple & large screen displays

  Encoding & streaming options

RTS would welcome the opportunity to discuss any individual

applications requiring the display, recording, transmission or

streaming of high quality video media.


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